Transdermal Cannabis Coming to Florida

Mary’s Medicinals has announced that the company has signed an exclusive licensing and raw materials deal with Liberty Health Sciences.

Liberty will produce and distribute a suite of products from Mary’s under license in the State of Florida to further optimize patient care. Mary’s Medicinals is a leader in the transdermal segment, producing all kinds of transdermal cannabis products.


The company’s been valued at about $6 million, and its products can be found at roughly 1,000 different retail outlets in five states.

The agreement with Mary’s allows Liberty to license and produce the following products:


  • Mary’s Medicinals® Transdermal patches
  • Mary’s Medicinals® Transdermal gels
  • Mary’s Medicinals® Transdermal/topical compounds
  • Mary’s Medicinals® Capsules
  • Mary’s Medicinals® Tinctures
  • Mary’s Medicinals® Muscle Freeze
  • Mary’s Medicinals® Vape Pens
  • Mary’s Medicinals® Distillates

Learn about what else is coming and new opportunities in the cannabis industry at the North Florida Medical Marijuana Conference on Saturday, October 28th. 


Click here for details. 

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