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17 reviews for Basic Membership

  1. Rita Pinto

    Love this coalition.

  2. John Briches

    Florida Cannabis Coalition is a great organization that keeps you informed about the latest with Florida dispensaries, clinics, doctors and events. I highly recommend having an association with them.

  3. Tammy Boyd


  4. Theresa Barrett

    New member, excited to learn more!

  5. Donna Drake

    I’m an advocate and patient. I belong to organization Moms for Marijuana.

  6. Ginny Parker

    Looking forward to learning and getting involved in Cannabis in Florida

  7. Jennifer Oliver

    As soon as I’m able to medicate legally, I’ll be able to work again, and afford to take care of myself. Monthly green and gold!!

  8. Michele Trainor

    Finally! A job market I know about!

  9. Debbie lewis

    Still learning

  10. Hilton Ponte

    I am wanting to learn as much as I possibly can so that I can gain employment

  11. Hilton Ponte

    I am looking for as much cannabis education as I can get

  12. Monica Berardo

    Looking to get as much information I can for myself as a registered patient. I have been registered with the state for a year already and now I have to renew and pay another $75.00? The hardest thing for me is getting the funds up to get my medicine!

  13. Tonya Bess

    Medical marajuana

  14. Theresa Stark Doyle

    Insight to how CBD helps your body and ailments I have that have hope to achieve at least some relief but hopeful for a miracle

  15. Sabrina TipSword

    Happy to find a place the gives me real insight information

  16. annette jenkins

    ‘Bout time the Sunshine state woke up.

  17. Walter Omansiek

    Helping change perceptions