Office of Medical Marijuana Use Updates Lawmakers

The Florida Senate Health Committee convened this morning and received an update from Christian Bax, Director of the Office of Medical Marijuana Use, on the implementation of regulations in Senate Bill 8A, which was passed by the legislature this summer.

The discussion focused on the application structure for adding additional medical marijuana treatment centers (MMTCs). Last month, a lawsuit was filed challenging the constitutionality of part of the state law that requires a medical marijuana license to go to a black farmer, and today the Office of Medical Marijuana Use said it will not issue any new licenses until the lawsuit is resolved. 


When further questioned by the committee, Director Bax said, “We want to move the process as quickly as possible forward,” but cited concerns of legislative process that might invalidate the Department of Health’s licensing. If you’d like to watch Christian Bax’s testimony, the Florida Senate’s Health Policy meeting can be found on its website


Amendment 2 established a deadline of October 3, 2017 for the Department of Health to issue additional MMTC licenses. Please contact the Office of Medical Marijuana Use, and ask Director Bax to end the delay in medical marijuana licensing so that patients can have more access to treatment. 

2 thoughts on “Office of Medical Marijuana Use Updates Lawmakers”

  1. Please stop this nonsense immediately, The people voted, and just remember they will be voting again on who stays in Tallahassee . If you read the results, 71 percent will voice their opinion once again with a vengenge for these delays. The reasons for delay you mention make no sense.

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