Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, Nurses, Pharmacists, and Physician Assistants and other medical professionals can earn up to 22.5 CME Credits, as well as gain access to the most advanced and up-to-date knowledge base on medical cannabis.

The new 2-hour Florida Physician Medical Marijuana Course has been launched by the state. This course replaces the former 8-hour course but solely focuses on the laws and rules that govern physicians who intend to certify patient eligibility for medical marijuana in Florida. To provide needed medical education Florida Cannabis Coalition has partnered with TheAnswerPage. Participants will receive a 12-month subscription to TheAnswerPage’s comprehensive CME accredited  medical cannabis library (see modules to the right).

"Whether or not doctors or other healthcare providers have any intention of recommending medical cannabis for patient care, they all need to be well educated in this clinical area because their patients will be seeking their expert advice and guidance for this important medication."


Further, some patients may already be utilizing medical cannabis and doctors and other healthcare providers will need to be aware of the physiological effects of cannabis as well as potential drug interactions. As such, expertise in medical cannabis will be paramount for most doctors, pharmacists, nurses, and other healthcare providers if they wish to continue to be that respected guide for their patients’ healthcare.” -Stephen B. Corn, MD The Answer Page

Here's a brief sample of what you can expect.

Training medical professionals since 1998.

You can then earn up to 22.5 CME credits by studying the many medical marijuana syllabus topics from TheAnswerPage’s on-line extensive medical marijuana library. Also, you will receive content updates and new material during the 12-month period. Participants get all of this., is a continuing medical education (CME) website that has been providing CME certified content worldwide since 1998 and has become a recognized and award-winning leader in providing unbiased peer-reviewed medical content focused on the endocannabinoid system, medical cannabis, pain and the opioid epidemic.

Module I: Endocannabinoid System and Phytocannabinoids


Module 2: Guidance on the Recommendation of Medical Cannabis


Module 3: Cannabis Products, Modes of Administration, Dosing Considerations and Contraindications


Module 4: Cannabis: Physiologic and Cognitive Effects


Module 5: Cannabis Use and Mental Health Effects


Module 6: Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome


Module 7: The History of Medical Cannabis


Module 8:Medical Use of Cannabis and Cannabinoids in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis


Module 9: Medical Use of Cannabis and Cannabinoids in Cancer


Module 10: Medical Use of Cannabis and Cannabinoids in Epilepsy


Module 11: Medical Use of Cannabis and Cannabinoids in HIV/AIDS


Module 12: Medical Use of Cannabis and Cannabinoids in Huntington’s Disease


Module 13: Medical Use of Cannabis and Cannabinoids in Inflammatory Bowel Disease


Module 14: Medical Use of Cannabis and Cannabinoids in Multiple Sclerosis (and Spasticity)


Module 15:  Medical Use of Cannabis and Cannabinoids in Neuropathic Pain


Module 16: Medical Use of Cannabis and Cannabinoids in Parkinson’s Disease


Module 17: Medicolegal Issues

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