Here are all the 2020 Marijuana Bills in the Florida Legislature

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Waive the $75 medical card fee for patients who are veterans.

▪ Eliminate the vertically integrated business model in Florida’s medical marijuana law and undo the cap on the number of licenses. The current model maintains that a license holder must grow, process, test and sell their product without any subcontractors or middle men. 

▪ Prohibit marijuana retail facilities from producing their own products, as they are currently required to do. 

▪ Authorize patients to have more than one caretakerto administer medicine. For example, a school nurse could administer the medicine at school instead of a parent coming to the school to treat their child.

▪ Add sickle cell disease to the list of qualifying conditions for medical marijuana use.

▪ Allow for the expunging and sealing of records for cannabis possession charges.