Is CBD Oil Allowed on Planes? Here’s What You Need to Know About Traveling With It

As long as you follow TSA's guidelines, you should be fine.

If you have anxiety and/or you’re a nervous traveler, consider using CBD oil to help ease your symptoms. Described by POPSUGAR Fitness Assistant Editor Dominique Astorino as “liquid Xanax from Mother Nature,” CBD oil is derived from the nonpsychoactive component of cannabis. It won’t get you high like THC will, but it will chill you out. But since it is still technically an active cannabinoid, can you legally travel with it? The answer is yes, but know how much and what you’re carrying on.


CBD oil is natural and completely legal to purchase and consume, meaning no card required. But to ensure passing security is a breeze, stay within TSA requirements (3.4 oz. or smaller) and read the labels before packing it. Most CBD oils are pretty straightforward because they should be only composed of CBD. Some edibles like gummies or chocolates, for example, might be CBD-dominant but contain enough THC to be flagged.


Remember, THC classifies as an illegal compound under federal law regardless of whether you have a valid medical card or if it’s legal in the state that you’re traveling to. So be sure to check the CBD-to-THC ratios on the product label.


As long as you follow TSA’s guidelines, you should be fine.

1 thought on “Is CBD Oil Allowed on Planes? Here’s What You Need to Know About Traveling With It”

  1. I agree with this article and have flown with my cbd for years. But this just shows how much misinformation is out there, Lots of entrepenuers out there trying to help people and find thier place in this industry. Cbd is one route in for small independently owned businesses. Many should benefit from this plant and access is key. Who ever wrote the article below from your newsletter a few days ago should be educated more and not share mis-information. They are lobbying for the dispensaries because cbd is competing with thier business. Why would someone spend $500 to get a med card when they can go to thier health food store and purchase cbd. We as readers are getting mixed information in the articles you are providing. Keep sharing all the valuable info with us but try to avoid sharing articles that contradict each other. ?
    The article said this:
    Although not psychoactive, CBD — despite many opinions to the contrary in Florida among fly-by-night health food stores and other retail businesses looking to cash in on the hemp craze — is illegal to sell unless you are certified by the OMMU as an MMTC and illegal to possess or use as a patient without an issued ID card and number.

    So all those CBD creams, oils, pills and tinctures being imported from Colorado and elsewhere that your yoga instructor in Boca Raton wants you to buy in order to achieve wellness? Illegal.

    The crackdowns on local businesses by the OMMU and local law enforcement have not come out in force yet, but they will happen. I’ve heard it straight from the local police.

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