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    Drs. Lawrence Loh and Jasleen Grewal of the University of Toronto are calling on doctors to advise people against making their own edibles or using illicit products, over fears they may contain too much weed; individuals could be poisoned by pesticide residues; or accidentally consume other drugs, such as narcotics, that illicit products could be contaminated with.  Doctors Loh and Grewal are also concerned that some people may be unaware that it can take longer for the […] More

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    There is No Difference Between Medical & Recreational Cannabis Use

    To treat ‘medical’ and ‘recreational’ marijuana differently is to ignore our failing mental health. Medical: (Adj) relating to the science of medicine, or to the treatment of illness and injuries. People have used cannabis for thousands of years for its healing properties, both physical and mental. Yet in just the past hundred years or so we have been conditioned to believe the term “medical” only applies when sanctioned by a governing authority – like the […] More

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    Rolling a Joint with THC Distillate

    Sometimes there just isn’t enough THC in our flower. When that happens we add some with cannabis distillate. My favorite way is to make a spiral around the outside of the cone, which has the added benefit of helping it to burn more evenly.  More

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    Does John Morgan REALLY care about legalization efforts?

    On Tuesday self-proclaimed #PotDaddy John Morgan tweeted support for an Industry backed push for an adult-use amendment in time for the 2020 election. I have decided that I am too old to care. I believe that #marijuana should be legal!! I think we have time and I think there is money to get it done. I already have the minimum wage signatures. Let’s do this maybe, forget Tallahassee! #ForThePeople – #PotDaddy From John Morgan’s Twitter, […] More

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    Is There No True Difference Between Indica and Sativa?

    May 2, 2019 – Jennifer Loyd Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica have been known as two different strains of weed, that produce significantly different effects. Indica has been thought to produce a more a relaxed feeling, whereas Sativa, may produce something more akin to a feeling of energy. Since people began using Cannabis for its desired effects, no one has truly questioned the science behind the high? Jean Baptist Lamarck was one of the first […] More

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    Florida Dispensary Gives Away $14K Worth of Weed

    Monday, February 25, 2019 - On Sunday, Trulieve, a Florida's largest marijuana producer gave away more than $5,000 worth of cannabis oil to medical marijuana patients in Orlando. Fifty "Sunshine Kush Trupods" containing one gram of cannabis oil were distributed along with a free vaporizer at the Florida Cannabis Coalition Green Carpet Networking event on Sunday.  Each pod is valued at $94 and the vaporizers retail for $35 each. This isn't the first time Trulieve [...]
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    Science: Vaping Marijuana Gets You Way Higher Than Smoking It

    Scientists have proved that vaping marijuana will get you, like, way higher than smoking the exact same amount of weed. The new research, led by scientists at the Johns Hopkins Behavioral Pharmacology Research Unit in Baltimore, tested the effects of smoked versus vaped marijuana on 17 participants who had smoked marijuana before, though not in the 30 days before the study’s start (participants had smoked once in the last year, on average). Over the course […] More

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    How to Make Your Own Gummies

    555 Cannabis Gummies: 5 Ingredients, 5 Milligrams, 5 Easy Steps     Aside form all the other advantages of oral administration of cannabis, there are two big reasons to make gummies like this:   1. Accurately dosing your medicine in 5mg increments   2. They can be kept in the mouth longer than cannabis distillate and tincture, for better oral absorption   What I decided to make were small gummy bears with a 1:1 THC:CBD […] More

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    New Study: All Marijuana Strains the Same (but there’s a catch)

    The title of this article may be as misleading as some of the cannabis marketing out there.   Different strains have been one of the hottest selling points of the cannabis industry. There are strains for people who want to maintain a more functional, creative high, and others for those looking to veg-out and relax at the end of the grueling day.   But a new study is challenging the conventional wisdom. It shows that […] More

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