Printable Marijuana Themed Valentine’s Day Cards

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Looking for that perfect message for that special soeone this Valentine’s Day? Share these on social media or print them out for a more personal message. Don’t miss the Florida Cannabis Coalition Valentine’s Day Infused Dinner Event in Orlando on February 14th

If Weed Replaced Booze, It Wouldn’t Be All That Bad

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Cannabis has been having its strongest year yet—every year for the past few years. With consumers spending $12.2 billion on cannabis in 2018, the cannabis market has become extremely profitable. Between people starting to discover the potential health benefits from cannabis and states beginning to legalize marijuana, there’s been a market created for cannabis-infused products: a variety of rubs and tinctures, vapes, gummies, chocolate bars, and cannabis-infused beverages.  In states where marijuana has been legalized, marijuana use has obviously gone… Read More »If Weed Replaced Booze, It Wouldn’t Be All That Bad

Study: Legalizing Medical Marijuana Makes People Have More Sex

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Legalizing medical marijuana appears to encourage people to have more sex, according to a recent study. “We find that [medical marijuana laws] cause an increase in sexual activity,” researchers from the University of Connecticut and Georgia State University concluded. That’s not the only related effect, however, as the study also determined that there’s a decrease in the use of contraceptives and an increase in the number of births following the enactment of medical cannabis policies.… Read More »Study: Legalizing Medical Marijuana Makes People Have More Sex

Rolling a Joint Isn’t What It Used To Be

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Twisting one up may be giving way to packing a fatty. Cones are gaining in popularity among cannabis consumers. The reason is likely how easy they are to fill and smoke. It’s really hard to mess up a cone. No licking involved (sorry). You just grind, scoop and pack. But Nurse Colleen adds another little surprise. Some of us like a little more THC in our flower and the best way to add it is… Read More »Rolling a Joint Isn’t What It Used To Be

How Long Does Weed Stay In Your System?

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An age-old question for many cannabis consumers has been, how long does cannabis stay in my system? There are several different answers to this question, and no one answer is right or wrong.  How Long Does Weed stay in the System of an Athlete?The short answer for “how long does weed stay in my blood” is anywhere between 10 to 30 days. Many different factors determine how long cannabis will stay in your system. The More… Read More »How Long Does Weed Stay In Your System?



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