The researchers who conducted the study found the 6.5-percent reduction represented “a reversal of” a 14-year increasing trend in opioid-related deaths in Colorado since 2000.   But they stressed in the report that further research is needed in order to make sure the trends could be seen beyond Colorado, as there aren’t any other states that had a similar timeframe for legalization that could be studies.   The use of marijuana as an alternative to
World’s First Really Smart Cannabis Inhaler is Coming to FloridaMetered-dose based vaporizer, works in conjunction with an App to provide adaptive dosing allowing patients to vary their dose based on their current levels of pain. Liberty Health Sciences Inc. today announced an exclusive partnership with Resolve Digital Health Inc. to have Resolve’s industry-leading smart inhalation products exclusively distributed through Liberty within the state of Florida, subject to approval of the same by the Florida Department of Health, Office
“These doctors are not educated enough.They don’t know a thing about dosages or what they are prescribing.” Dr. Douglas Scott evaluates a first-time patient, who did not want to be identified, at the Tetra Health Care center in Tampa. Scott says there “a lot of gray areas” where doctors can make the decision on whether to prescribe marijuana on a case-by-case basis, especially when it comes to chronic pain. “A lot of people come in
As California’s legalization of marijuana creeps ever closer, the industry has been flooded with new business ideas and wealthy investors. In fact, earlier this month in downtown L.A., weed veterans and prospective business owners gathered for the inaugural MJAC2017 conference to discuss the benefits and pitfalls of investing in the still-stigmatized cannabis industry.   As a way to sidestep legal problems and attract capital from timid investors, many entrepreneurs are starting companies that never touch
Is CBD legal? This sounds like an innocent and simple enough question. Certainly, it deserves a simple, straightforward answer. As a lawyer who represents legal cannabis businesses I’m asked this question often. Unfortunately, the legal status of CBD, cannabinoids, and terpenes- all constituent components of the cannabis sativa plant- is anything but simple and straightforward. I intend to shed some light on the subject in this article.   I’ll start by saying that CBD is
“If they write an obituary, they’re going to say, ‘That’s the guy that took millions of dollars out of his pocket and legalized medical marijuana in the state of Florida.’ The Man Who Brought Medical Marijuana to Florida Is Contemplating a Run for Governor John Morgan has hinted time and again that he’ll throw his hat in the gubernatorial race, and now he’s suggesting recreational cannabis legalization would be his principal platform. If there’s one
Medical marijuana patients across the nation have cause for celebration this week as Drug Enforcement Administration Chief Chuck Rosenberg announced he will be stepping down from his position, which he’s held since May of 2015. Shortly afterward, he mired the DEA in controversy by suggesting that medical marijuana is basically a hoax.   “What really bothers me is the notion that marijuana is also medicinal — because it’s not,” Rosenberg told reporters in November of