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  • Smoking Marijuana Before Sex Can Lead to Better Orgasms for Women – Study Finds

    Weed can do a lot of great things: make food taste better, make your periods suck less, and make you lose weight. Now, it turns out, it can help women who spend a little time with the bud before having sex, to have higher sex drives, less pain during sex, and more satisfying orgasms compared to women who abstain. These are the findings of a study recently published in the science journal Sexual Medicine, which […]

  • Rolling a Joint with THC Distillate

    Sometimes there just isn’t enough THC in our flower. When that happens we add some with cannabis distillate. My favorite way is to make a spiral around the outside of the cone, which has the added benefit of helping it to burn more evenly. 

  • Here are all the 2020 Marijuana Bills in the Florida Legislature

    ▪ Waive the $75 medical card fee for patients who are veterans. ▪ Eliminate the vertically integrated business model in Florida’s medical marijuana law and undo the cap on the number of licenses. The current model maintains that a license holder must grow, process, test and sell their product without any subcontractors or middle men.  ▪ Prohibit marijuana retail facilities from producing their own products, as they are currently required to do.  ▪ Authorize patients to have more than one […]

  • First Illinois Marijuana Lounge to Open in Springfield

    A Springfield marijuana dispensary is the first in the state to get approval to open a spot for people to smoke weed. Illinois Supply and Provisions plans to connect the space to its marijuana shop in downtown Springfield. The company is still working on the concept and has not set an opening date. “It’s going to be more than just a big open room where people can smoke cannabis,” said spokesman Chris McCloud. “It’s going […]

  • Legalizing Recreational Leads to Increase in Medical Marijuana Patients

    Since recreational weed went on sale in Illinois three weeks ago, long lines have formed outside dispensaries, stores have established buying limits and some have run out of product.  All that was expected, based on what’s happened as other states legalized cannabis. But there’s also been a less anticipated result: More people want medical marijuana cards. More than 2,570 people applied for medical cards between Jan. 1, when recreational sales started, and Jan. 17, according […]

  • Floridians Went Through 22,000 Pounds of Marijuana Flower in Just Six Months

    That’s over 2.8 Million eights. Medical cannabis patients in Florida have embraced the addition of smokable products to their purchasing options, with more than 22,000 pounds of the product sold in less than six months. By comparison, that figure is more than three times the quantity of all medical marijuana sold in Ohio during the first 12 months of sales in that state. Florida lawmakers repealed the state’s ban on sales of smokable medical marijuana in March […]

  • High Times Set to Open Dispensaries in 2020

    High Times, the storied 45-year-old publication that advocates for the legalization of cannabis, is hanging out its shingle and getting into the actual pot business. “Now we’re not talking about touching the plant, per se. But the last stages before it reaches a consumer, so delivery, retail, and of course just continuing to connect consumers to the great cannabis brands that are out there,” said the company’s CEO, Stormy Simon, in an interview with Yahoo […]

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