7:10 Morning Show

Wake up with Pete & Nurse Colleen LIVE every weekday at 7:10AM on Instagram (reposted on IGTV and YouTube)

Nurse Colleen is a Florida Registered Nurse. With her is me, Pete Sessa, co-founder of Florida Cannabis Coalition. Together we are…. 420CannaCouple! [cue hero music].

One of the many things Nurse Colleen and I have in common is being registered medical marijuana patients. In May we fell in love, and in October we turned our passion for cannabis (and each other) into The 7:10 Morning Show.

Every weekday morning at 7:10am we invite the world into our bedroom, LIVE via Instagram. (We post it on YouTube later in the day) The show is all about celebrating cannabis for the miracle plant it is. We roll, we smoke (sometimes dab), share local cannabis news, review new products, learn some new things and try to do it all after just rolling out of bed (#rollingoutofbed).

If you tune in LIVE, you’ll get the full-length,unedited version and you can interact with the show. Only thing is, its a vertical video so you can’t see as much. If you watch on IGTV you’ll only get the first 15 minutes, but you’ll also get the widescreen experience to give you a more theatrical view of our comedy stylings. But, if you want the full 7:10 Morning Show experience you’re going to want to subscribe on YouTube. It’s where you’ll get the full length, widescreen version and it’s easy to watch on a smart TV instead of a phone.

The whole idea behind the show is dispell stoner sterotypes. We are up early every morning to take on the day. Like many of the people who watch the show, medicating with cannabis first thing in the morning helps us to get out of bed and take on the day. If that sounds like you… you’re not alone.

Join us every weekday as we share our experiences as medical marijuana patients while giving you a fun, new way to roll out of bed in th morning.