October 2018

How to Make Your Own Gummies

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555 Cannabis Gummies: 5 Ingredients, 5 Milligrams, 5 Easy Steps     Aside form all the other advantages of oral administration of cannabis, there are two big reasons to make gummies like this:   1. Accurately dosing your medicine in 5mg increments   2. They can be kept in the mouth longer than cannabis distillate and tincture, for better oral absorption   What I decided to make were small gummy bears with a 1:1 THC:CBD… Read More »How to Make Your Own Gummies

New Study: All Marijuana Strains the Same (but there’s a catch)

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The title of this article may be as misleading as some of the cannabis marketing out there.   Different strains have been one of the hottest selling points of the cannabis industry. There are strains for people who want to maintain a more functional, creative high, and others for those looking to veg-out and relax at the end of the grueling day.   But a new study is challenging the conventional wisdom. It shows that… Read More »New Study: All Marijuana Strains the Same (but there’s a catch)



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