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    Hemp CBD Market Hit $291 Million in 2017

    Hemp boomed in 2017, with U.S. acreage devoted to the plant more than doubling to about 25,000 acres. At least six states started industrial hemp programs, pushing the total number of hemp states to the mid-30s.   Hemp’s growth wasn’t limited to the United States. Canada’s hemp growers learned in November that they’ll soon be allowed to process hemp flower for CBD – a decision that will unleash a huge new market opportunity.     And in Europe, hemp-derived [...]
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    Marijuana Use Among Americans 50+ Is Exploding

    Cannabis use among adults 50+ is up over 70%. There are more than 6 million Baby Boomers living in Florida today. 60% of them have used marijuana already and that number is rising fast.    A joint study between NYU & Columbia University discovered that between 2006 and 2013, cannabis consumption increased by approximately 60% among those falling into the baby boomer generation - ages 50-to-64.    The study also showed that marijuana consumption among their parents [...]
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    McMarijuana? Are Dispensary Franchises Coming to Florida in 2018

    Independently owned dispensaries may be here by next year. If you're one of the countless Floridians who have felt locked out of the marijuana industry there is some hope on the horizon: Dispensary Franchises. A new Bill introduced by Senator Perry E. Thurston (D) paves the way for entrepreneurs, companies and organizations to own and operate medical marijuana retail stores.    Franchisees would only be allowed to own a single retail location and must source [...]
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    8 Mesmerizing GIFs of Weed Like You’ve Never Seen Before

    Celebrate the holidays with a treat for your eyes... High-Def Spinning Buds We've seen pot lube, THC-infused facials, and even weed lip balm. But still, we hadn't seen cannabis quite like this. Welcome to the world of Nugshots by Erik Christiansen.   Because Christiansen works hard to keep everything but the strains the same in all his photos, they make it easy to compare the differences between those strains. As he explains to us total squares, [...]
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    The 8 Strongest Marijuana Strains of 2017

    Let us look at some of the strongest marijuana strains that have come to the forefront in 2017. The 8 Strongest Marijuana Strains of 2017 - You may already know that marijuana strains with a high level of potency are the major deal, especially in 2017. In fact, there is a huge collection of marijuana strains available this year, some are new and others have been around for a while.   The strongest strains these [...]
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    Former NFL players look to score with CBD products

    The hemp business is growing and Nate Eachus is growing hemp. The former NFL fullback for the  Kansas City Chiefs [and Ft. Lauderdale resident] was in town to promote the benefits of the products derived from hemp as an alternative to prescription medications and medical marijuana.   “I’m in the hemp business now, basically partnered with a farm in Colorado and we supply the main ingredient,” Eachus, 27, said Tuesday.   His Hemp Health Associates [...]
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    BREAKING: Florida Judge to Rule on Smoking Marijuana Legality

    A Tallahassee judge will hear argument on whether to throw out Orlando attorney John Morgan's lawsuit over the ban on smoking medical marijuana. Circuit Judge Karen Gievers scheduled a Jan. 25 hearing on the state’s motion to dismiss, court records show.       The suit originally was filed in July by People United for Medical Marijuana, the political committee behind the constitutional amendment on medicinal cannabis approved last year.   Morgan, of Morgan & Morgan law firm fame, bankrolled the amendment that was OK’d [...]
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    BREAKING: New Report says CBD Poses ZERO Public Health Risk

    The World Health Organization has declared that CBD - the relaxant property of cannabis used in medical marijuana - should not be a scheduled drug. As legalization of cannabis has spread rapidly across the United States and around the world, health officials have cautioned that we do not have enough research to rule out any down sides.   But today, after months of deliberation and investigation, the WHO has concluded that cannabidiol (CBD) is a [...]
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    Marijuana Stocks to Buy in 2017: Aphria Tops the List

    Aphria Makes Motley Fool's List of Top 4 Marijuana Stocks to Buy in 2017 Aphria, one of five marijuana companies currently distributing cannabis in the state of Florida, was named as one of the top Marijuana Stocks to Buy in 2017 by Motley Fool. It's the only company that does NOT have a single retail location, but instead offers patients free delivery statewide. They are also an international producer of cannabis currently growing on massive [...]
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    5 Surprising Ways THC Treats Pain

    THC is one of the most effective treatments for pain. But how exactly does it work? Let’s take a look.   THC retards the electrochemical reaction at the peripheral pain receptor THC interrupts the pain signal at the dorsal root ganglion THC interrupts the pain signal at the neuron level THC activates the CB2 receptors to interrupt inflammation The psychoactive effect of THC will reduce the intensity of the pain, plus interrupt the short term […] More